Seba Sideways Returns, Saturday 19 June!

Mark your calendars! Seba Sideways will be returning to Virtually Live on Saturday, 19 June 2010, at 9:00PMUTC. As you may recall, Seba is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and plays saxophone covering jazz, ballads, bossa nova, blues, funk, and reggae roots. You can learn more about him at:

Seba's debut on Openlife was absolutely wonderful and he drew all sorts of compliments including:

Lexie Forzane: "its 5 am , GREAT TO WAKE UP TO SAXS"

Casiopeia Andromeda: "great stuff"

Maggie Moonbeam: "Thank you for coming! You really made my day more enjoyable ))"

Shai Khalifa: "wonderful music, real treat"

Pantaiputih Korobase: "SAX rocks!"

Cheops Forlife: "guapa la musica!"


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