Terrific Opening!

Virtually Live Events opening was full of great music, dancing, and fun!

Juni, Medora, and Zorch deserve special thanks for their generous and adventurous spirit in bringing their performances to the Openlife grid.

Digi has a video of the concerts in editing and links will be posted soon. Meanwhile, here are some photos. Pants [Pantaiputih Korobase: http://openlifechat.ning.com] and Klee [Kirstenlee Cinquetti: http://kirstenleecinquetti.blogspot.com/] gave permission to post several of their photos. Klee's photos were taken with an internal viewer. Click on the reduced images to see the full sized photos.

Although my snapshot skills are meager, I did manage to get a photo of 30 of the 32 avs present on the region during Zorch's concert.

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