Virtually Live Events Trumpets in 2010

Virtually Live Events will celebrate its official opening with a triple-header on Saturday, 09 January 2010 at Virtually Live's Main Stage. Junivers Stockholm (, in a return visit to Openlife, will perform live at 9:00PM UTC. The dancing and music will continue at 10:00PM UTC as Zorch Boomhauer ( performs live. And, following at 11:00PM, DJ Gert Grigges, music, and, yes, *more* dancing!

Please come join the opening party and celebration on this special night of live events!

Take care,

[Click on photos for larger images. The trumpet is the latest addition to the Virtually Live collection of instruments "made on the OLG." It's relatively lightweight at 72 prims but I'm feeling a trombone coming on :P ]


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