Magical Seasonal Party


The Seasonal Party on Virtually Live this past Saturday was a wonderful experience. Everyone's photos, posts, and ims have been heartfelt and warm. Thank you!

About a month ago, I blogged the tree. I had tried hard to build something bushy, beautiful, and fitting for the island. The final shocking prim count seemed a noteworthy convenience of building in Openlife. Of course, the tree was also a quiet announcement of the party to come. However, over the following weeks, it raised many technical and social questions in my mind. To summarize: "Would the tree still be bare on 20 December?"

From a technical standpoint, grid performance was solid. The party lasted almost four hours without a region crash. The peak number of avs by my map count was 31, although others reported higher. For over two hours, 25+ avs danced, skated, decorated or otherwise enjoyed themselves in an open build and scripting environment.

Socially, it was an undeniable delight. DJ Gert Grigges had everyone moving for hours; Cat Agus Cu (Mistletoe Ethaniel and Doc Foster) provided an interlude of live music; and Father Christmas patiently listened to all the wishes of naughty and nice avs on the grid. In total, approximately 45 avs stopped by the party. Many friends also mentioned that they had friends online unable to attend in pixels but were there in spirit.

I remember camming around at one point, wondering about the tree. What I saw was a magical sight with avs darting in and out decorating. In that single moment, all the "bare tree" questions were resolved.

Please continue to visit and decorate through 25 December. Every prim contributes to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Kind regards,

P.S. Please click the photos to view full-sized images.


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