Eureka - The Grid Wide Treasure Hunt - begins its month long run today on the Openlife Grid. The theme this month is Chinese New Year 2011: The Year of the Rabbit (clues and prizes are hidden in a small bunny).

Login or TP to the Danaus region (sim) to start the hunt at the Eureka kiosk. Instructions are provided in Spanish, Japanese, German, Portugese, Italian, French, and English. If you have any questions or otherwise need help, contact the hunt manager, Grimley Graves.

Eureka was conceived as a fun event for exploring the wonderful builds around the grid while earning prizes along the way. Virtually Live is just one of the participating regions and you'll see a side of it not normally visible during our live events. :P

Please click on the thumbnails to view the full-sized images. Come inworld and enjoy!


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