Theatre comes to the grid...

Thanks to Abraham Ferryhill for staging a traditional Finnish Christmas play, "The Star Boys - Tiernapojat," yesterday on Virtually Live. He was joined onstage by Digital Dreambuilder and Kaarle Mukane. All three live in Finland. Thanks also to Abe for streaming Finnish Christmas songs following the play!

This was the first theatrical production on the Openlife grid. Speaking for myself, I really had no idea what to expect but I'm now fascinated by the potential. All the normal logistical problems exist as in live theatre, but the possibilities for scripted prim staging and international collaboration are exciting and have me thinking about including plays among Virtually Live Events in the future.

That said, the staging for Abraham's play - a large purple fractal snowflake - was not traditional but he took it all in good humor and said his would be a modern traditional Finnish play. :) Please click on the thumbnails to view full-sized images. Enjoy!


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