Carah Nitely Live on Saturday 04 December...

Carah Nitely will be singing live this coming Saturday, 04 December 2010, at 8:30PMUTC [12:30PMSLT/PST] on Virtually Live. You can learn more about Carah at:

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Preparations begin...

On 18 December 2010, Virtually Live Events will host its second annual Seasonal Party. The theme this year is "light festival," so please prepare clothing, costumes, and attachments accordingly. :) Craig Lyons will be performing via live streaming video beginning at 8:30PMUTC (12:30PMSLT/PST).

Virtually Live will once again make use of scene flip to create a special venue for the Seasonal Party. Scene flip is a feature unique to Openlife, which allows a region to be changed to an alternate scene while preserving the original - all with the simple push of a button.

Here are a few photos as work begins. The region is terraformed as a giant snowflake. Each of the poinsettias contains 518 prims! Please click on the photos to view full-sized images and enjoy!

ScarlettLa Roux Performance Photos...

ScarlettLa Roux's debut performance on Virtually Live was wonderful! Her fine voice and song selection drew a large crowd and induced a first for Virtually Live Events: a guest, Iamtfortaurus Nider, generously convinced Scarlett to extend her 90 minute performance to two full hours! Many thanks Iam!

As an aside, Scarlett was really impressed with the attention she received from the VLE team prior to the performance. The attention she later received from the audience reinforced her impression enormously. Thanks to everyone for making her debut a memorable experience - a terrific gift for any performer. :)

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P.S. Yes, those are some seasonal decorations sprinkled around the stage. :) It's hard to resist building in anticipation of our 18 December party. Stop by anytime to have a closer look.

ScarlettLa Roux Live on Saturday 27 November...

ScarlettLa Roux will be making her debut on Virtually Live this coming Saturday, 27 November at 8:30PMUTC (12:30PMSLT/PST). You can learn more about ScarlettLa at

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Party Time...

The party spirit was in full forced yesterday despite Idella Quandry's no-show for her performance. Many thanks go to Abraham Ferryhill who stepped in as DJ and played a wide variety from Jonna Tervomaa to ABBA to Poets of the Fall.

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Idella Quandry Live on Saturday 20 November

Idella Quandry will return to Virtually Live, Saturday, 20 November 2010 at 8:30PM UTC. You can learn more about Idella at:

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Harry Frychester Performance Photos...

Harry put on a *GREAT* show last night. His voice was truly excellent as he worked through classic standards of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and more. His warmth and charm as he flew around and danced with various avatars demonstrated how engaged and interactive he was with the large audience. Harry will definitely be back on Virtually Live in the future.

Thanks to everyone for coming!

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