How to change your region's water color...

If you would like to change your water color to orange (or something else) for the Openlife 3rd Birthday and Halloween Party on Virtually Live, follow the steps illustrated in the images below. (Click the images to view the full-sized photos.)

From the menu bar, click World > Environment Settings > Water Settings

The Water Settings dialog box will appear. Click on the Water Fog Color rectangle and enter R = 255, G = 64, and B = 0. Then click the Select button. Have fun experimenting!

Event Reminders:

Several people have created free costumes for Openlife Grid's 3rd Birthday and Halloween Party this Saturday, 30 October, on Virtually Live. You can find the two costumes in the photo below on Virtually Live by the birthday cake on the right wing of the terraformed bat. They were created by Cheops Forlife.

Avia Bonne has placed Elf, Zombie Female, Zombie Male, Old Male, and Old Lady free costumes in her shop Avia Designs on region Phoenix (85,15,22).

Caro Axelbrad has placed Avatar Bug free costume in her shop Carolina on region Merina (238,170,22).

Thanks so much to Cheops, Avia, and Caro for their hard work and contributions!

As a reminder, the party starts at 8:30PMUTC (1:30PMSLT) on Virtually Live this Saturday, 30 October 2010. Craig Lyons will be streaming live video of his performance while his avatar also performs onstage inworld!

Virtually Live has made use of scene-flip to create a special venue for this event. Scene flip is a feature unique to Openlife, which allows a region to be changed to an alternate scene while preserving the original - all with the simple push of a button.

Put your party hats on, wear your Halloween costumes, gather up all your friends, and come celebrate Openlife's 3rd Birthday while enjoying great music from Craig!

Please visit to learn more about Craig.


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