Getting ready for a very special occasion...

On 30 October 2010, Virtually Live Events will be hosting a special combined 3DX Openlife Grid 3rd Birthday and Halloween Party. In preparation, the VLE team is using the feature unique to Openlife called scene flip so we can preserve our normal performance venue while preparing the 30 October party scene. The photo shows the flip scene's terraform. All that remains is the decorating.

Oh, Craig Lyons will be performing from 8:30PMUTC-10:00PMUTC (that's 1:30PMSLT/PDT) so make sure you mark your calendars and come to celebrate this wonderful occasion!!! Costumes *are* required! :P

In order to see orange water in your viewer, from the top menu bar select:

World > Environment Settings > Water Settings

Click the little rectangle Water Fog Color and the Color Picker window will open.

Set: Red = 255, Green = 64, and Blue = 0 Have fun!

Please click the image to view the full-sized photo. Enjoy!


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