Flip Side Load Testing Beach Party...

Virtually Live Events will be hosting a Flip Side Load Testing Beach Party this coming Saturday, 25 September 2010, at 8:30PMUTC.

Last Saturday, 18 September 2010, we tested one extreme of a region's capacity by encouraging full loading: lots of scripts and prims. This party will test the opposite extreme in that scripts will be turned off (except for the dance machines) and prims will be minimized. The new scene flip feature will be used to enable testing the barebones Virtually Live region while still preserving our original scene.

The goals this coming Saturday are: 1. to provide another dataset to 3DX for analysis; 2. to see if minimizing audience scripts and the region's prims lead to improved performance; 3. to help Virtually Live Events find an interim solution for hosting live events as the Openlife updates continue; and 4. to have some community fun with a beach party.

Again, prepare your ears and feet! I'll be our guest dj and will have a new playlist that I hope everyone will enjoy.

So, please prepare your beachwear, come, get your friends to come, load the region, and have fun knowing your attendance and effort benefits all on the Openlife grid.

Kind regards,
Surreal Numbers


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