Joaquin Gustav Live Saturday 02 October 2010

Joaquin Gustav will be performing live on Virtually Live this coming Saturday, 02 October 2010, at 8:30PMUTC (1:30PMSLT/PST).

Joaquin is a highly trained guitarist, born and educated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the birthplace of tango. His music blends the colors of Latin American culture with his own elegant performing style. His wide ranging playlist includes smooth jazz, rock, tango, milonga, candombe, and much more. His magnetic charm is as appealing as his musical talent. He has a very warm interaction with the audience and is always ready for dedications and requests.

You can learn more about Joaquin at:

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Flip Side Load Testing Beach Party...

Virtually Live Events will be hosting a Flip Side Load Testing Beach Party this coming Saturday, 25 September 2010, at 8:30PMUTC.

Last Saturday, 18 September 2010, we tested one extreme of a region's capacity by encouraging full loading: lots of scripts and prims. This party will test the opposite extreme in that scripts will be turned off (except for the dance machines) and prims will be minimized. The new scene flip feature will be used to enable testing the barebones Virtually Live region while still preserving our original scene.

The goals this coming Saturday are: 1. to provide another dataset to 3DX for analysis; 2. to see if minimizing audience scripts and the region's prims lead to improved performance; 3. to help Virtually Live Events find an interim solution for hosting live events as the Openlife updates continue; and 4. to have some community fun with a beach party.

Again, prepare your ears and feet! I'll be our guest dj and will have a new playlist that I hope everyone will enjoy.

So, please prepare your beachwear, come, get your friends to come, load the region, and have fun knowing your attendance and effort benefits all on the Openlife grid.

Kind regards,
Surreal Numbers

Fields of Gold video...

Caro Axelbrad has made a video of Idella Quandry singing Fields of Gold on Virtually Live (11 September 2010). It can be viewed on OracL or YouTube.

Thanks Caro for the beautiful reminder of the fine music that evening.

We all crashed the party...over and over!

Thanks to everyone for coming to the Load Testing Party! We sucessfully crashed the region and hopefully gave Sakai some valuable data to study in the logs.

Does anyone recognize the noob without his blue hair? :P

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Load Testing Party Saturday 18 September 2010

Virtually Live Events will host a Load Testing Party, Saturday, 18 September 2010 at 8:30PMUTC (1:30PMSLT) to give 3DX a chance to watch the region's performance under stress. The goal is to identify problems so that the entire Openlife grid can benefit ultimately. So, prepare your ears and feet! I'll be our guest dj next weekend with Latin, African, and Arabic beats. Please come, get your friends to come, load the region, and have fun crashing it knowing your attendance and effort benefits all.

Kind regards,
Surreal Numbers

The region had the hiccups, but Idella sang on beautifully...

Thanks to everyone who attended Idella's performance Saturday and for bearing up under the region's update stresses. Despite the hiccups, Idella made it clear that she loves our community and performing in Openlife. We'll make sure she returns to Virtually Live soon.

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Idella Quandry Live on Saturday 11 September

Idella Quandry will return to Virtually Live, Saturday, 11 September 2010 at 8:30PM UTC. You can learn more about Idella at:

See more about Idella's prior performance on VL:

Happy Birthday Virtually Live Events!

Thanks to Craig Lyons for a wonderful performance last evening on Virtually Live! He truly made our 1st birthday memorable.

I'll have more to say about this past year in a separate blog but, for now, please enjoy the photos below. Also, Pants (Pantaiputih Korobase) posted the following on the Openlife forums. I thought it was appropriate to quote him in this blog. The video is from the very beginning of Craig's performance.

Thanks Pants for your generous support and insights throughout the year!

If you want to see a brief snapshot of yesterdays performance, you are invited to view a short video at

This was Craig Lyons debut at VLE, also, it was VLEs first anniversary and the premiere of broadcasting live video together with live audio in OpenLife.

This is just a short clip from the concert and more meant as a document of OLs capabilities and the ability to stream live video and audio at the same time than an "artistic" video or a documentary of the concert itself (thats why it ends a bit suddenly.........).

The performance by Craig itself was excellent and we all enjoyed this event very much.

From my side, special thanks go to all the performers who played on Virtually Live since VLE started a year ago and of course to the VLE team for bringing us these events to OL,

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