A drum and then some...

The last major build of the Virtually Live Makeover has been completed. This gigantic drum is also a 3D maze - one way in and one way out (panic TPs don't count! :P ). The mazes are all different and the entire space is intended for artistic/photographic exhibitions with an element of fun added.

With the four major builds completed, detailing including landscaping begins.

Please stop by and have a look at the maze. If you are interested in using the space for an exhibition, let us know what you have in mind.

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Idella and piano to debut 03 July 2010...

Idella Quandry will debut on Virtually Live, Saturday, 03 July at 8:00PM UTC. You can learn more about Idella at:


She will be playing the gorgeous piano created by Digital Dreambuilder (Digi) and available along with many other musical instruments at Merina Music on region Merina.

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A Party Broke Out Instead...

Many thanks to Abraham Ferryhill for jumping in to dj the party that broke out instead of Seba's performance. Seba was sidelined by an unexpected real life matter and is sure to be back to play sax on Virtually Live in the future.

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Stairway to Heaven? Not quite but....

...the giant piano shaped gallery and performance venue now has a fitting primmed out staircase linking it to the welcome area on the level below. The views of the rest of the region are spectacular as you spiral through the open sky - just walk on the side with both black and white keys. :)

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Seba Sideways Returns, Saturday 19 June!

Mark your calendars! Seba Sideways will be returning to Virtually Live on Saturday, 19 June 2010, at 9:00PMUTC. As you may recall, Seba is from Buenos Aires, Argentina and plays saxophone covering jazz, ballads, bossa nova, blues, funk, and reggae roots. You can learn more about him at: http://www.myspace.com/sebasaxo

Seba's debut on Openlife was absolutely wonderful and he drew all sorts of compliments including:

Lexie Forzane: "its 5 am , GREAT TO WAKE UP TO SAXS"

Casiopeia Andromeda: "great stuff"

Maggie Moonbeam: "Thank you for coming! You really made my day more enjoyable ))"

Shai Khalifa: "wonderful music, real treat"

Pantaiputih Korobase: "SAX rocks!"

Cheops Forlife: "guapa la musica!"