Yes, the rumors about Virtually Live closing are true.

We genuinely regret it had to come to this. We've had some great times from the Openlife Grid Christmas Party, through the Muy Caliente Beach Party last weekend, and, finally, closing with Seba Sideways this coming Saturday.

So, please come celebrate with us and take a look at Virtually Live one last time. Sunday morning I will be logging in and wiping the region clean.

And Monday morning I will be starting our MASSIVE MAY MAKEOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes! We have been listening to all our guests and performers and Virtually Live will be getting a top-down, east-west, north-south makeover of massive proportions. The current build has set a standard for music venue design in virtual worlds and will be missed. The new design retains thematic elements of the old but refreshes the builds and the terraform to give Virtually Live Events the flexibility required in the months ahead to respond to audience and performer requests.

You will not be disappointed. Literally hundreds of you have supported us since the project began and I probably don't say forcibly or frequently enough how much that has meant to everyone on the grid. So, we wouldn't dare let you down. The new venue will continue to:

1. Foster and encourage a strong sense of community [It is remarkable now how many people have friended at an event on Virtually Live.]

2. Continue to innovate and develop a showcase build for the Openlife Grid that's both welcoming and inspiring

3. Expand our live events while maintaining a high standard of quality

I hope to have the majority of the work concluded in time for a Massive May Makeover party on 15 May 2010.

Thank you so much, once again, for all the support.

Kind regards,


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