A look ahead...

While proper annoucements will be blogged and tweeted at the appropriate times, here's a look ahead at what Virtually Live Events is planning for February, March, April, and a little peek at May.

20 February 2010, 9:00PMUTC, Valentines: The Aftermath Party <<< This Saturday!!!

27 February 2010, 8:00PMUTC, Carah Nitely live

13 March 2010, St. Patrick's Day Warmup Party with Zorch Boomhauer and Cat Agus Cu live

27 March 2010, Taunter Goonight (tentative) as well as Strummer Vultee and Morton Shaman (tentative) live

10 April 2010, Tone Uriza (tentative) live

17 April 2010, Costume Party with DJs (tentative)

24 April 2010, Seba Sideways (tentative) live

08 May 2010, Special "White" Event


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