St. Patrick's Day Warmup Party

Please mark your calendars for the St Patrick's Day Warmup Party on Virtually Live, 13 March 2010, beginning at 9:00PMUTC with Zorch Boomhauer live!

Valentines: The Aftermath photos...

Thanks for a great party everyone!! Click on the photos to view full-sized images.

Valentines: The Aftermath.. the video

..again big shout to Pants for creating another great vid of the actual party!

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Valentines: The Aftermath - The Pre Event Video Mashup

I just had to post this after I saw it ... Pantaiputih Korobase [ and] - commonly known as Pants - made this mashup vid about tomorrow night's party.

Was so in awe .. I had to post it :

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Coming Saturday 27 February...

Carah Nitely will perform on Virtually Live's Main Stage on Saturday, 27 February 2010 at 8:00PM UTC!

A look ahead...

While proper annoucements will be blogged and tweeted at the appropriate times, here's a look ahead at what Virtually Live Events is planning for February, March, April, and a little peek at May.

20 February 2010, 9:00PMUTC, Valentines: The Aftermath Party <<< This Saturday!!!

27 February 2010, 8:00PMUTC, Carah Nitely live

13 March 2010, St. Patrick's Day Warmup Party with Zorch Boomhauer and Cat Agus Cu live

27 March 2010, Taunter Goonight (tentative) as well as Strummer Vultee and Morton Shaman (tentative) live

10 April 2010, Tone Uriza (tentative) live

17 April 2010, Costume Party with DJs (tentative)

24 April 2010, Seba Sideways (tentative) live

08 May 2010, Special "White" Event

Valentines: The Aftermath Part II

Valentines... hearts, flowers, romance, love... and did I forget to mention a bit of post nuclear / apocalyptic carnage thrown in for good measure. Yes it's time to get your creative heads on again and join Virtually Live Events to celebrate Valentines in style!

Think of it as a Mad Max v Love Actually v Escape From New York mashup... kinda like Hugh Grant starring as Hanibal Lektor... kinda like... well just get creative!

To help you out with some simple clothing creation I've placed a few links below :

Like all good things, we need Robins t-shirt template / tutorial :

Adding rips to your shirt is easy.. using the eraser tool, specify one of the tear/rip brushes from the link below. Save the image as a transparent image - png is easiest - and you have your new t-shirt template to upload to OpenLife, complete with rips..

Blood tattoos anyone ? Use Robins template again as a guide, so you get the blood in the right place, create a new layer, and use the blood brushes from the link below. Hide all layers except your blood layer, and save as a transparent image again. Create a new tshirt in OpenLife, and use your new blood texture..

Don't worry if you don't have time to be creative .. they'll be plenty of freebie items on the Virtually Live sim over the next 2 weeks :)

Grand Indeed!

Digi has added another beautifully crafted instrument to Virtually Live's growing collection - a 241-prim grand piano.

I have not seen a finer piano in any virtual world and my only regret is we cannot see inside this gorgeous build, which is a good argument for raising the link limit!

Click on the photos to view the full-size images.

Valentines: The Aftermath

DJ Cae Diesel will return to Virtually Live, Saturday, 20 February 2010 at 9:00PMUTC for Valentines: The Aftermath

Meanwhile, think red - more details coming - and always remember...

say it with flowers.

Blues Video...

Digi's video with the extract from the live concert performed by Debbie Henning on Virtually Live on the Openlife Grid, January 23rd, 2010, is now available here:

Thanks Digi!

As follow-up, Debbie sent a message a few days later to thank the Openlife community for such a great response. She said she had a "blast!"