Happy Thanksgiving

Although today the US celebrates Thanksgiving Day, the concept is entirely universal. National festivals, usually linked to harvest season, are common. Typically joyous celebrations, they reflect a much more serious understanding of life's fragility and pains.

Each of us is keenly aware this has been a terribly difficult year around the world and it is a struggle sometimes to feel a sense of thanks if we look too closely at ourselves. There are, however, the intangibles: a deeper appreciation for just being alive; a reduced sense of isolation within the broad struggle to survive; and a renewed openness to friends and family.

The intangibles of our lives are the least recognized and yet most obvious and powerfully effective motivators. So, today, whatever your circumstances and wherever you are from, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.



Jenny Bihouise said...

Thanks a lot Surreal, good words. Happy Thanksgiving to you too and here to all VL members.

Adrian Cutler said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my colleagues who have been off all week! Hope you have a great day! :)

...please come back on Monday.. you have my emails to ansa.. just sayin'

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