.. a drum roll for more accoutrements

The collection of Made on the OL Grid musical instruments is growing.
Come and check them out on the main stage at Virtually Live island.

More instruments will follow and, with the added magic of animations and musicians you will soon begin to experience real music in your virtual lives.


The island now has three public OLTwitterphones. All public twitterphones are free to use.

Follow latest news and events from around the grid and from the Virtually Live Events group. Send twitter messages to other twitter users on the grid and off it, tweet your friends on other twitter-enabled virtual worlds and invite them here.

...and our glade has a warm and cozy spot

With the footprints of builds in place, landscaping begins with a glade for the small venue island. A warm and cozy hangout kicks off the plantings...

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...and our glade has a warm and cozy spot

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even our coffee is hawwt!

Thanks to everyone for dropping in for a chat recently, feel free to keep coming over. We're never too busy to chat and have a coffee...

..actually its a great excuse to stop building ;)

Build update, they just keep comin'

Quick build update from Virtually Live island in Openlife. New Harmonica Bridges span the gap between the main stage and the 2 adjacent islands - no more need to get your feet wet!

900 odd prim bridges are difficult to move, which is why it was so much nicer creating the new Secondary Stage. A smaller venue than the Main Stage, but just as important for those intimate gigs!

And following on the musical theme of the island, yes its a drum! Come on over to see the build, and don't forget to visit the new club hangout! see you there..

Virtually Live Island.. it just keeps gettin' better!

As Surreal pointed out, last night we got flash mobbed, so the design of the main stage was made public earlier than anticipated .. so for those that couldn't make the party.. here's the new main stage at Virtually Live Island in OpenLife..

..it also meant we had to have a bit of a speed build day today to get the new hangout built on the opposite island, so I can finlly say HANGOUT OPEN!

And yes if you hadn't noticed... its a piano! Well what else were you expecting ? Come over and see it, and I promise to get some seating sorted quickly :)

A day's work turns into a night's fun...

Between his WOOTs and YIFFYs, you could clearly hear the sincerity of the lament in Adec's voice while DJing last night that he wasn't going to get any more building done.

Having taken a break installing Virtually Live's staging to eat, he came back to a flash party that began with Cheops Forlife! Thanks to everyone who was able to come!

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photos by Surreal Numbers

Virtually Live is shaping up!

The Virtually Live island in OpenLife began to evolve last night with its new distinctive shape. Dedicated to bringing real music to your virtual life, this new island certainly stands out on the map!

Come find us @ Virtually Live in OpenLife!

photo taken by Debbie Trilling

New Horizons...

as the work begins

Welcome to Virtually Live Events

Welcome to the website of Virtually Live Events, the Openlifegrid-initiated project dedicated to bringing real music to your virtual life. Within these pages, please enjoy the project updates, event announcements and reviews as well as general coverage of music in virtual worlds and specific musician profiles.

Questions and comments may be sent to info@vlevents.com