Virtually Live Events Trumpets in 2010

Virtually Live Events will celebrate its official opening with a triple-header on Saturday, 09 January 2010 at Virtually Live's Main Stage. Junivers Stockholm (, in a return visit to Openlife, will perform live at 9:00PM UTC. The dancing and music will continue at 10:00PM UTC as Zorch Boomhauer ( performs live. And, following at 11:00PM, DJ Gert Grigges, music, and, yes, *more* dancing!

Please come join the opening party and celebration on this special night of live events!

Take care,

[Click on photos for larger images. The trumpet is the latest addition to the Virtually Live collection of instruments "made on the OLG." It's relatively lightweight at 72 prims but I'm feeling a trombone coming on :P ]

Magical Seasonal Party


The Seasonal Party on Virtually Live this past Saturday was a wonderful experience. Everyone's photos, posts, and ims have been heartfelt and warm. Thank you!

About a month ago, I blogged the tree. I had tried hard to build something bushy, beautiful, and fitting for the island. The final shocking prim count seemed a noteworthy convenience of building in Openlife. Of course, the tree was also a quiet announcement of the party to come. However, over the following weeks, it raised many technical and social questions in my mind. To summarize: "Would the tree still be bare on 20 December?"

From a technical standpoint, grid performance was solid. The party lasted almost four hours without a region crash. The peak number of avs by my map count was 31, although others reported higher. For over two hours, 25+ avs danced, skated, decorated or otherwise enjoyed themselves in an open build and scripting environment.

Socially, it was an undeniable delight. DJ Gert Grigges had everyone moving for hours; Cat Agus Cu (Mistletoe Ethaniel and Doc Foster) provided an interlude of live music; and Father Christmas patiently listened to all the wishes of naughty and nice avs on the grid. In total, approximately 45 avs stopped by the party. Many friends also mentioned that they had friends online unable to attend in pixels but were there in spirit.

I remember camming around at one point, wondering about the tree. What I saw was a magical sight with avs darting in and out decorating. In that single moment, all the "bare tree" questions were resolved.

Please continue to visit and decorate through 25 December. Every prim contributes to Médecins Sans Frontières.

Kind regards,

P.S. Please click the photos to view full-sized images.

Virtually Live Events Seasonal Party

Virtually Live Events will be hosting a seasonal party to decorate the big tree on the ice this coming Saturday, 19 December 2009, at 9PM UTC on Virtually Live. Decorating will support Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders). Please read below for details.

Music will be provided by DJ Gert Grigges with an interlude of Christmas songs performed live by Cat Agus Cu [avs Mistletoe Ethaniel and Doc Foster], so come, dance, ice skate, and decorate!

The tree will be parcelled for building and each visitor is welcome to use the ornaments provided along the ice rink wall near the tree or to build one's own. The ornaments along the wall are copyable so just take to inventory, rez a copy, and place on the tree.

There are some rules for building one's own decorations but they are simple and for a good cause.

1. Each av can build as many ornaments as desired within a 256 prim allowance.
2. Each av's 256 prims may be placed on the tree at any point through Christmas Day
3. Ornament size must be proportional to the tree
4. No Sculpty Prims
5. No Scripts

The tree parcel initially will be set to 10000 prims. For each 1000 prims on the parcel, Virtually Live Events will contribute US$10 to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders). If the parcel limit of 10000 prims is met any time before the end of Christmas Day, the limit will be raised an additional 10000 prims. So please come and encourage others to participate to maximize the value of this contribution.

Now, who's been naughty and nice this year?

FREE Ice Skates!!

Its the holiday season, so everyone needs ice skates. Find the FREE ice skates under the Christmas tree on Virtually Live island in OpenLife.

All wannabee Torvil and Deans welcome to skate around our ice rink in practise for the party coming up on the 19th :)

Danaus Foundation to Host 12 Days of Christmas Competition

Digital (Digi) Dreambuilder's Danaus Foundation is hosting a competition in the form of a treasure hunt on the Openlife Grid with an environmental theme, spanning the 12 days of the UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Copenhagen between December 7th and 18th, 2009.

The location of all objects will be limited to the following regions : Merina, Phoenix, Danaus and Virtually Live. You can learn more about the foundation as well as the rules and clues of the hunt at:


Need to build a Zamboni now...

What was supposed to be an initial test of Adec's fine ice skates, turned into a full-fledged region stress test literally and figuratively.

There were between 15 - 20 avs skating for the better part of an hour and there are some seriously sharp elbows on the grid!

Adec is tweaking the final version of the skates with a helpful pitch-in by Dawn Harbour of London Core who, among other things, noted immediately that the Yeti-sizing was too limited for women's tastes. :) The skates will be under the tree soon.

Thanks to everyone for coming!

Under the tree...

Over the next couple of weeks, small seasonal items will appear under the tree on Virtually Live. They are copyable, so please stop by and enjoy.

Here is a small collection of simple two and three prim ornaments using just blank or silver gradient textures. Enjoy!

For Great Sax, Visit Virtually Live

Digi's instruments set a high standard and inspired this sax. I could have kept going but it is within a few prims of the link limit. Virtually Live will now always bring great sax to your virtual life!

Mark your calendars!

Please mark your calendars for 9:00PM UTC, Saturday, 19 December 2009.

Virtually Live Events will be hosting a tree decorating party on Virtually Live island. More details will be posted over the coming days! :)


A stout 3225 prim Fraser Fir has arrived on Virtually Live island, ready for decorating. The question is: "How?!"

Happy Thanksgiving

Although today the US celebrates Thanksgiving Day, the concept is entirely universal. National festivals, usually linked to harvest season, are common. Typically joyous celebrations, they reflect a much more serious understanding of life's fragility and pains.

Each of us is keenly aware this has been a terribly difficult year around the world and it is a struggle sometimes to feel a sense of thanks if we look too closely at ourselves. There are, however, the intangibles: a deeper appreciation for just being alive; a reduced sense of isolation within the broad struggle to survive; and a renewed openness to friends and family.

The intangibles of our lives are the least recognized and yet most obvious and powerfully effective motivators. So, today, whatever your circumstances and wherever you are from, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


Virtually Live: Beyond the cool music, warm venue, and hawwt coffee

The Virtually Live Events project is almost two months old and although its breakneck development has been well-chronicled, many things haven't been said for lack of time. As the details for upcoming events are being finalized, it's a good point to take a moment to look beyond the builds.

VLE is truly a labor of love: love of music, love of creativity and innovation, but, most deeply, love of community. The idea for VL arose out of the simple recognition that music is a prime mover for society. Long before the first paleolithic human gave an invitation-only exhibit of cave drawings, some bonobo monkey mindlessly blowing across a reed riveted the troop with its music. Music is not the universal language because we understand it necessarily, but because it brings us together and moves us. It is that internal awakening that lets us know we all experience life in the same ways.

Speaking personally, I've been overwhelmed by the response to the project. Even before the 23 September launch, people have been incredibly supportive. The development team, each member exceptionally knowledgeable, talented, and energetic, could be doing many other things with their time. Instead, each absolutely refusing compensation, prefers to enjoy the experience of giving to the community what is evolving into a very special gift. Their generosity has spurred all kinds of activity around the Openlife grid and the number of people involved continues to expand. The community has been moved and is coming together seemingly effortlessly.

Everyone is excited for when the real music starts. Both musician and non-musician visitors to Virtually Live have been taken aback by the venue. I'm as critical as they come concerning design and development in virtual worlds and even I smile each and every time I login to the island. Warm, inviting, and well-executed with its hangout, tweeting/talking/dispensing hawwt coffee machine, and performance venues, Virtually Live is meant to be enjoyed by all, event day or not, and provides a wonderful focal point for the community. Everyone is encouraged to embrace it as their own, listen for the music, and be moved.


Virtually Live Goes All Slushy..

A new permanent feature at Virtually Live island has just opened! Come and get all slushy down at The Pier.. We've parcelled off this couples dance area to always play a relaxing, romantic stream, and placed 3 couples dances / poses for you to play with.

To get to the dance area, walk down the neck of the guitar from the main island, and enjoy.

"Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide..
But I love you until the end of time..

Come what may, come what may
I will love you until my dying day.."

But rather than listen to me singing along... come see for yourself...

Courtesy Dance Machine.. everyone needs one!

Ever since travelling the metaverse with Debbie Trilling, the first conversation in any new world is always the same..

Adec - "We need a club.."
Debbie - "I'll make a Dance Machine."

..and the same happened in OpenLife. Scripted specifically for the OpenLife script engine, Debbie created probably the first real Dance Machine here, and has been improving it ever since. So here at Virtually Live we're giving it away for free!

Head over to the club hangout and grab your free Virtually Live Courtesy Dance Machine!

@ Virtually Live its always Changing!

Thanks Guys for dropping by all the time, and we have listened to you comments ... so now I can officially open the Virtually Live Changing room! lol

So basically, this is adjacent to the hangout, and is a place that you can freely rez and open all those boxes that you have bought across the OpenLife grid. Unpack your clothes etc and get changed... just beware there is a 15 min auto return set here, apart from that, please enjoy and use the new addition to the hangout!

.. a drum roll for more accoutrements

The collection of Made on the OL Grid musical instruments is growing.
Come and check them out on the main stage at Virtually Live island.

More instruments will follow and, with the added magic of animations and musicians you will soon begin to experience real music in your virtual lives.


The island now has three public OLTwitterphones. All public twitterphones are free to use.

Follow latest news and events from around the grid and from the Virtually Live Events group. Send twitter messages to other twitter users on the grid and off it, tweet your friends on other twitter-enabled virtual worlds and invite them here.

...and our glade has a warm and cozy spot

With the footprints of builds in place, landscaping begins with a glade for the small venue island. A warm and cozy hangout kicks off the plantings...

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...and our glade has a warm and cozy spot

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even our coffee is hawwt!

Thanks to everyone for dropping in for a chat recently, feel free to keep coming over. We're never too busy to chat and have a coffee...

..actually its a great excuse to stop building ;)

Build update, they just keep comin'

Quick build update from Virtually Live island in Openlife. New Harmonica Bridges span the gap between the main stage and the 2 adjacent islands - no more need to get your feet wet!

900 odd prim bridges are difficult to move, which is why it was so much nicer creating the new Secondary Stage. A smaller venue than the Main Stage, but just as important for those intimate gigs!

And following on the musical theme of the island, yes its a drum! Come on over to see the build, and don't forget to visit the new club hangout! see you there..

Virtually Live Island.. it just keeps gettin' better!

As Surreal pointed out, last night we got flash mobbed, so the design of the main stage was made public earlier than anticipated .. so for those that couldn't make the party.. here's the new main stage at Virtually Live Island in OpenLife.. also meant we had to have a bit of a speed build day today to get the new hangout built on the opposite island, so I can finlly say HANGOUT OPEN!

And yes if you hadn't noticed... its a piano! Well what else were you expecting ? Come over and see it, and I promise to get some seating sorted quickly :)

A day's work turns into a night's fun...

Between his WOOTs and YIFFYs, you could clearly hear the sincerity of the lament in Adec's voice while DJing last night that he wasn't going to get any more building done.

Having taken a break installing Virtually Live's staging to eat, he came back to a flash party that began with Cheops Forlife! Thanks to everyone who was able to come!

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photos by Surreal Numbers

Virtually Live is shaping up!

The Virtually Live island in OpenLife began to evolve last night with its new distinctive shape. Dedicated to bringing real music to your virtual life, this new island certainly stands out on the map!

Come find us @ Virtually Live in OpenLife!

photo taken by Debbie Trilling

New Horizons...

as the work begins

Welcome to Virtually Live Events

Welcome to the website of Virtually Live Events, the Openlifegrid-initiated project dedicated to bringing real music to your virtual life. Within these pages, please enjoy the project updates, event announcements and reviews as well as general coverage of music in virtual worlds and specific musician profiles.

Questions and comments may be sent to